Purchase guidance for buying a house in Ibiza in your own language

Purchase guidance for buying a house in Ibiza in your own language

With us, you can speak your own language and fully rely on the team of local and international experts. They have all the knowledge concerning legal matters and the most recent market trends. With both offices in Eindhoven and Ibiza, we will guide you not only during your purchase in Ibiza, but also afterwards.   

The search for your dream home does not stop when signing. The excellent aftercare is what distinguishes us.   

The best guidance when buying a property in Ibiza  

If you want to buy a house in Ibiza, this can raise a lot of questions. That is why it is important that you choose an experienced purchase broker in Ibiza. Swipeletshas an international team of experts, each with their own specialism and accurate knowledge of the laws and regulations in Ibiza. In doing so, we work closely with our competent network of lawyers, architects and specialists in the field of finance. Together we assist you to make your dream come true and help where it is needed.   

Efficient, reliable and transparent  

Swipeletsbrings together supply and demand in a unique way, of which you, as a buyer, become an integral part. The concept of Swipeletsis clear and transparent. As purchase broker in Ibiza we are clear about our earnings: when you buy your property, these only consist of a commission. A client also has to pay this fee for their own search and purchase process, so these are no extra costs. In addition, we strive to ensure that you can make your dream come true within a year.  

  Swipeletsbrings supply and demand together in a unique way, of which you, as the buyer, become an integral part.  

The seven steps of purchase guidance with Ibiza Estates 

  1. Extensive intake interview

    During an extensive intake interview that can take place in Ibiza as well as at your own home, we map out your wishes. What kind of residence should be purchased, for example? This could be an authentic finca in Ibiza, a luxury villa with rental license or an apartment. During the interview, clear search criteria will be drawn up. This includes the budget, the region and the number of bedrooms. Of course, Swipeletslooks beyond these criteria; personal taste, style and lifestyle are also important aspects to take into account.

  2. The entire market is scanned

    Once the search criteria have been jointly formulated, Swipeletsscans the entire market. The complete offer, which is available and meets your requirements, will be critically examined. The suitable residences are processed in a so-called long list.

  3. Search from home as well

    Swipeletsoffers you as a buyer the option to actively search from home. In this way, you as a client will be extra involved in the process. Swipeletscarries out a first scan of the house you have found. We look at the house and see if the photos match reality. We also check if the papers are in order. On the basis of this quick scan, it can be determined whether the property can be put on the list. The final long list consists of approximately forty houses.

  4. Creating a short list

    As a buyer, you will examine the long list in detail and will eventually make a selection of five to ten properties that meet most of the search criteria. These potential dream homes together form the short list. Then we will consult when you come to Ibiza to visit the residences. Swipeletsthen plans these agreements for you as efficiently as possible.

  5. Guidance during the visits

    From the moment you set foot on Ibiza, Swipeletsis there for you. We are happy to welcome you at our office and, if necessary, call in our network of specialists. From lawyers, architects to tax specialists; they are all at your disposal. There is always someone from Swipeletspresent during the planned visits.

  6. Guidance during the negotiation process

    If you are interested in a particular property, Swipeletsassists during the negotiation process and ensures that it is as transparent and efficient as possible. Our lawyer’s expertise is used to check the documents, for example whether everything was built legally. So that you have all the facts at a glance when you want to make an offer. Once your bid has been accepted, we will assist you until you have signed with the notary.

  7. Excellent aftercare

    Our guidance does not stop at the notary, even after that, we are happy to help you. Swipeletshas a high-end concierge service and a team of interior designers. Whether you need assistance in concluding important contracts, or finding suitable staff, or even when you would like to have your house fully furnished by us. Swipeletsprovides excellent aftersales service and we are happy to put our extensive network at your disposal. In addition, the rental department of Swipeletscan even take over the rental management from you, if your residence has a rental license.

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