Zentrales Geschäftsviertel Mriehel

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Zentrales Geschäftsviertel Mriehel

Central Business District Mriehel. The old and industrial zone of Mrieħel previously known for panel beating and car maintenance provider will be now be referred to as a Central Business District. This is part of a project of revitalization of the zone.

Mrieħel is a noteworthy business locale with 6,000 workers investing a share of their energy in the zone and a great many shoppers every now and again going by the 250 shops and organizations working from it. These endeavors are comprised of various measured organizations and hail from different segments offering diverse administrations. Mrieħel be that as it may, is right now synonymous with blockage and perplexity.

The Mrieħel Business Foundation was recently established. This is a foundation made up of property owners within the designated area of Mriehel. Their vision is to transform Mriehel into a thriving Business Area. The foundation is in charge of guaranteeing and executing a long haul vision for Mrieħel.

Some of the works already done in this field;

  • removal of more than 167 tonnes of waste
  • a waste collection programm
  • maintanance of street lights
  • maintenance of roads

Mriehel is home to some large new commercial projects which are due for completion in the years 2020 by which time this zone will be completely transformed. One has the option rent offices in The Quad towers which will be a major development in the area. One can choose from a vast selection of offices in this central business district of mriehelThese options vary from professionally serviced offices as well as modern offices in Malta. If you are looking for an open plan office space in mriehel  or an office space in mriehel with views we can definitely help you.


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